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Navigating Real Estate Mandates: Open Mandate, Joint Mandate, and the Advantages of a Sole Mandate

Updated: Sep 2, 2023


In the dynamic world of real estate, where properties are bought and sold, the terms "open mandate," "joint mandate," and "sole mandate" hold significant importance. As a prospective seller or buyer, understanding these terms can greatly impact your real estate journey. This blog aims to demystify these terms and highlight why a sole mandate often emerges as the most advantageous choice in the real estate realm.

Decoding Real Estate Mandates

Open Mandate

A group deciding on real esate mandates

An open mandate occurs when a property owner lists their property with multiple real estate agencies. This approach gives several agencies the right to market and sell the property concurrently. While this may increase the property's visibility, it's important to consider the potential downsides as well.

Potential Downsides of an Open Mandate:

Scattered Marketing Efforts: With multiple agencies involved, the marketing efforts might lack consistency and focus. Each agency may have its own approach, leading to diluted efforts.

Inconsistent Pricing: Different agencies might suggest different price points for the property, causing confusion among potential buyers and potentially leading to undervaluation or overvaluation.

Joint Mandate

A handshake between two estate agents joining in mandate

In a joint mandate, two agencies collaborate to sell a property, reaping benefits, yet caution for potential challenges is advised. Effective communication and coordination become imperative for success.

Potential Challenges of a Joint Mandate:

Coordination Issues: Coordinating between two agencies can sometimes lead to miscommunication and delays in decision-making, potentially affecting the overall sale process.

Mixed Messaging: With two agencies involved, there's a possibility of mixed or conflicting messages being conveyed to potential buyers, which can weaken the property's market positioning.

Sole Mandate

A contract being signed for a sole mandate

A sole mandate arises when a property owner exclusively contracts with a single real estate agency to handle the sale. This agency becomes the primary representative, responsible for all aspects of marketing, negotiation, and transaction management.

Advantages of a Sole Mandate

Now, let's explore why opting for a sole mandate could be the optimal choice for property owners:

Focused Marketing: With a sole mandate, the chosen agency can concentrate its marketing efforts on your property alone. This targeted approach often results in more effective promotion and a greater chance of attracting serious buyers.

Unified Strategy: A sole mandate ensures a cohesive marketing and pricing strategy. There's no confusion about how the property is presented or at what price point, leading to a stronger, more unified message to potential buyers.

Personalized Attention: By choosing a sole mandate, you receive personalized attention from the designated agent. They invest time in understanding your property's unique features and tailor their efforts to meet your specific goals.

Streamlined Communication: As the sole point of contact, the appointed agent can communicate directly with you without the potential miscommunication that could arise in joint or open mandates.

Negotiation Power: During negotiations, a sole mandate agent can negotiate more effectively on your behalf, armed with a deeper understanding of your motivations and preferences.

Reduced Stress: Managing the sale of a property can be overwhelming. A sole mandate allows you to delegate the entire process to one dedicated professional, reducing stress and saving you time.


As you navigate the realm of real estate, remember that the mandate you choose can significantly impact your experience as a property owner. While open and joint mandates have their place, the advantages of a sole mandate in terms of focused marketing, unified strategy, personalized attention, streamlined communication, negotiation power, and reduced stress are hard to ignore. When considering selling your property, opting for a sole mandate could very well be the key to a smoother, more successful real estate journey.

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