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jpe photography real estate photography services


A photograph is one that conveys truth, stirs emotions, and transforms the observer by its mere viewing. In essence, it is impactful. Highlight your property using my refined technique that capitalizes on the beauty of natural light.

From: R500 - R1500

jpe photography real estate video tour services

Video Tour

Video tours enable customers to explore numerous properties from their own residences, at their convenience, aiding them in refining their search and appealing to a broader range of potential buyers.

From: R1000 - R3500

jpe photography Property Practitioner services

Exclusive Elite Shoot

Access a customized home-selling strategy, enhanced by my photography and videography skills, all at no extra cost. Plus, as a property practitioner, you'll benefit from my expertise. T&C are applicable.

Please note that additional fees apply for shoots scheduled outside of regular business hours or on weekends.


Please be aware that our travel fee is set at R5.50 per kilometer, exceeding the mandated rate of R4.18 per kilometer.


This higher fee takes into account maintenance costs, fuel expenses, and the fact that we don't receive compensation while en route.

Drone Footage

We are excited to announce a new service now available

Kyle Zeederberg, a certified drone pilot and skilled private aviator, specializes in providing stunning aerial footage. Elevate your real estate and creative projects with unique perspectives through this service.

Follow Kyle on his journey!

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Helpful Resources

Staging a home will improve its appeal to buyers

This can lead to quicker sales and higher offers, as staged homes make a memorable and enticing first impression.

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