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  • Clear countertops and arrange appliances neatly in the kitchen

  • Clear the table and place a centerpiece in the dining room

  • Make the bed and clear nightstands of personal items in the bedrooms

  • Remove clutter and arrange furniture and pillows neatly in the living room

  • Clear bathroom countertops and put away personal care items, leaving out only new, unused towels

  • Lower toilet seats and close closet doors in bathrooms



  • Thoroughly clean the property, including vacuuming, mopping, cleaning countertops, and windows

  • Turn on all overhead lights and lamps, replacing any broken bulbs with ones of the same temperature

  • Turn off TVs and computer screens

  • Open blinds and windows to let in natural light

  • Make all beds and tidy up rooms

  • Put away shoes, jackets, and personal belongings in closets



  • Move vehicles off the driveway and close garage doors

  • Remove trash cans and visible water hoses

  • Tidy up landscaping by mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs, and clearing leaves (if possible)

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